Also see: A Bag…A Box…A Bow…and a Solo Revelation won’t come through old mindsets and traditions. It is our responsibility in the Body of Christ to be vessels that continuously increase in the knowledge God has hidden for us, by learning and growing through seeking His Kingdom. New, exciting, and awe-inspiring revelation knowledge is being […]

Angela Errett

The following fictional story is a modern day parable so the message may be clearly understood. Any semblance of factual companies is not intended.   God is doing a new thing! A-Tone Corporation, a manufacturer of digital products, is preparing for the worldwide release of its newest masterpiece–the Solo smartphone. The Solo is the company’s […]

Angela Errett

One could open this article with a dramatic statement such as, In this day and in this hour, it is so essential to know the voice of the Good Shepherd. However, every day and in every hour of our lives, we need to hear His voice clearly. Events in our everyday life introduce us to […]

Bob Jacobus

Remember the Mother Goose rhyme “Pattycake, Pattycake, Baker’s Man?” It is an old English nursery rhyme first found in the play The Campaigners from the 1600s. It then appears in Mother Goose’s Melody in 1765. There are a few versions, but one thing is overtly apparent, it later became a means of keeping children busy. […]