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Why I Celebrate Easter

Why celebrate someone’s death? It seems like an odd question doesn’t it? However, it’s not strange for those of us who believe in God. Believers are by nature to act contrary to what the world says is wise. The Bible tells us that the things of God are as foolishness to the world.

REVEALING God’s Glory Apr-May 2019

By Al Tucker In my last reflection, I shared some of my journey of trying to move from a casual to a more intimate relationship with Jesus. Rather than specifying [ … ]

Don’t Participate in Satan’s Dream

Lucifer had a dream. A dream hidden in his innermost being, to be worshipped as if he were the one true God. His ‘self-talk’ convinced him he could be above [ … ]

REVEALING God’s Glory Feb-Mar 2019

By Al Tucker The Christmas tree is down, the decorations put away, resolutions made, and in some cases broken already. That would be me most years in mid-January. I can’t [ … ]

Celebrate His Birth… Anticipate His Return

This time every year the world celebrates the birthday of Jesus Christ. Some know what the celebration is about and what it implies, others do not. Believer or non-believer it [ … ]

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