Summersville Outpouring Revival Dates

In the October – November 2019 issue of Glory Magazine, we inadvertently printed the Summersville Outpouring Revival to occur in October. Please accept our deepest apologies for the error. The [ … ]

Mountain State Celebration Launches in North Central WV

On Tuesday, October 8th, a large group of Pastors and community leaders representing various denominations gathered at the Bridgeport Conference Center for the official start for planning the Mountain State [ … ]

Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

By Angela Errett
The Kingdom has a governing body, built by God, who knows the truth about good and evil–abundance and lack.

Water, like air and blood, is necessary for life and all three flow. Man can create none of them; he can only manage them. They are fruitful when they are placed inside of boundaries but can be destructive when they breach their confines. In other words, they get out of balance…